Crossfell Consultants

Crossfell Consultants

Peter Davey, founder of Crossfell Consultants sadly passed away on 5 September 2016. He was a very special man who is sadly missed.

Crossfell's first product was the Crossfell Variometer, an all-electronic rate-of-climb indicator developed by Peter Davey for sailplanes and sold to the world gliding community during the 1960s and 1970s.

Since then it has continued as a small engineering consultancy specialising in innovative measuring equipment for production line manufacture.

Products included design and prototyping of an ultra-sensitive mass flowmeter for gas flow measurement, concepts for new methods of detecting small leaks in the manufacture of refrigeration equipment, and development of a novel device for automatic calibration of microflowmeters. Peter provided the expertise in all aspects of instrument design: precision mechanical and optical engineering, electronics and embedded controllers, and the physical principles of a wide range of sensors and transducers.

Crossfell has worked over a number of years for manufacturing companies in the UK and abroad, including food-processing and pharmaceuticals.

We are still proud to be producing highly sensitive instruments, which retain calibration limits after decades of daily use in hostile and demanding conditions.